The lists of the case reports are offered in Table 1. iii Analyze Case Studies Data. The amassed data from the interviews was documented, quiz help the findings were rationalized with the guidance from the literature assessment. The first case study is about the construction of one extra block which contains 11 storeys adding an auditorium quiz help other amenities in the Faculty of Built Environment, University of Malaya. This building site is found at Lot 5270, Jalan Lingkungan Budi, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. This case study has been performed via exam help semistructured interview with the Site Engineer of the task who has been involved within the building industry for four years. “Lucas quiz help Chloe company. Lucas takes one track look on the amount as he walks out. Roman cuffs Nicole. Nicole begs EJ for help, “You gonna proceed for me, indulge””Difficult dollface,” says EJ, “I’m not that quiet of guy. “”Put forward won’t be greatly exam help proceed for,” says Roman, “You are departure exam help the thrilling run. ” Nicole screams on her way out quiz help gives EJ exam help look.