Soluble hydrocarbons, such as tars, oils, quiz help naphtha, are recovered from the aqueous liquor, are poured into exam help gas liquor separation unit, quiz help are then recycled examination help the gasifier . Fixed bed gasifiers are the oldest quiz help traditionally most common reactors used exam help produce syngas. Depending on the course of airflow, fixed gasifiers are categorized as updraft, downdraft, or cross flow. Updraft quiz help cross flow are well tailored for small scale thermal functions but their interest for power purposes is restricted by the high tar content determined within the producer gas. Due exam help the low tar quiz help particles contents in the manufacturer gas, downdraft gasifiers are well adapted for small scale power era quiz help could be addressed in Downdraft Gasifier section. Another variety of fixed bed type gasifiers is the staged gasifier, whose precept derives from the downdraft gasifier, but, in this case, the pyrolysis quiz help gasification stages are carried out in two separated reactor vessels.