As exam help result of this impetus, works of art are elusive, refractive examination help attempts at type, as a result of they will also be liked in more than a technique, quiz help are sometimes susceptible exam help many different interpretations. In the case of G?ricault?s Raft of the Medusa, special competencies concerning the shipwreck that the painting depicts isn’t always exam help prerequisite examination help appreciating it, but allows the appreciation of G?ricault?s political intentions in the piece. Even art that superficially depicts exam help mundane event or object, may invite reflection upon elevated themes. Traditionally, the maximum achievements of art reveal exam help high level of ability or fluency inside of exam help medium. This attribute could be regarded exam help point of rivalry, since many contemporary artists most notably, conceptual artists do not themselves create the works they conceive, or don’t even create the work in exam help traditional, demonstrative sense. Art has exam help transformative potential: it confers tremendously appealing or aesthetically fulfilling structures or forms upon an normal set of unrelated, passive elements.