Shlom Bayit ReconciliationBefore issuing exam help divorce, the Bet Din will customarily effort exam help bring forth Shlom Bayit actually “peace of the house” reconciliation, by sending the couple examination help counseling as well as by exhorting them examination help forgive quiz help reconcile their transformations. The Divorce ProcessIf Shlom Bayit fails, the court interviews the husband quiz help wife examination help make certain their mutual consent. The Bet Din also exams the financial prestige of the couple quiz help rules about alimony quiz help child assist Mezonot. The Geht documentdivorce decree is drawn up in Hebrew calligraphy. After exam help divorce, the wife isn’t allowed exam help marry for 90 days, examination help make certain that if she becomes pregnant there may be absolute confidence regarding of paternity. Except when the divorce is granted for misconduct by the wife, exam help man who divorces his wife is needed examination help pay her the sums of money certain in the ketubah marriage agreement as well as child aid, Mezonot, decided by the court.